Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department has new sub-station in New Gloucester

|Penny Hilton|

New Gloucester residents can expect to see a Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department patrol car parked in front of the Community Building in New Gloucester more often from now on, as the Sheriff’s office has just established a sub-station in the space that was last used by NG Public Works in that building. Spokesperson Lt. Estabrook says the station will be used as needed by officers patrolling in the area as a place to enter reports, receive inter-office mail and court services, and talk with people more comfortably than in a cruiser. It will not have any regular hours – indeed, may just as likely be used in the middle of the night as in daylight – as it is mainly for officers’ convenience, so that they don’t have to travel down to the headquarters to file reports and collect mail.

CCSR sub-station temporary sign. Photo: NGX

While the public is welcome to visit the sub-station to speak to a patrol officer anytime they see a cruiser parked there, Estabrook emphasizes that they should use the same modes of contact that they currently do for quick response: 911 for emergencies, 893-2810 for non-emergencies, and 893-2810 or for tips.

The CCSD, which covers 25 towns and 3 cities within its 835 square mile territory, has similar sub-stations in Harpswell, Standish, and Naples, and also occasionally uses a space in the Gray Town Office.

All expenses pertaining to the sub-station are covered by the Sheriff’s Department, but Lt. Estabrook noted that the New Gloucester Public Works Department “has been a huge help in establishing the space and getting it visible,” with what is currently a temporary sign. A formal sign in black and gold will be erected when the ground thaws.

In general, Estabrook says there has been “great support from the town.” While more visibility may have a dampening effect on speeders in the area, he notes that the creation of this station should not be taken as evidence of any particular concern with safety issues in the area.