Government Spotlight

Comp Plan Update Committee to meet Thursday Feb. 11

The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee will meet on Thursday Feb. 11 at 6:30 pm.  The agenda includes discussion of goals and strategies around diversity and inclusion, initiatives for an age-friendly community and review of the latest draft.  

A working draft plan dated February 4, 2021 is available online. The draft, sweeping in its scope and detail, brings together maps, data, history, and resources, with a roadmap, vision, and action steps for the town’s future. 

The committee, meeting since January 2018 and working closely with town planner Scott Hastings, is heading into the home stretch of drafting and revising.  They appear to be aiming to finalize the plan in time for a public hearing in March and consideration by voters at this year’s town meeting.   

The full February 11 agenda with Zoom login information can be found on the meeting agenda online here.  Public comment is permitted. For more information about the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee and its work, click here.

— Joanne Cole