Charter candidates who support the Charter

|Letter to the Editor from John Salisbury, Steve Hathorne, Peter Bragdon, Karen Farrell, Penny Hilton and Ben Tettlebaum|

New Gloucester voters approved formalizing a Town Charter in November 2020, and on June 8, our Town will elect six people to the Charter Commission to begin this important work.

The entire purpose of the Commission is to create a Charter that defines future town governance.  This is a vital, long term action for New Gloucester.

It is critical for those serving on the Commission to deeply understand the roles of a Charter and proactively engage with the community to understand the needs and desires of all New Gloucester residents.

The candidates listed here both favor forming a Charter and have the background and experience needed to do what it takes.

Penelope (Penny) Hilton       Karen Farrell             Stephen Hathorne

Peter Bragdon                         John Salisbury           Ben Tettlebaum

We ask for your vote by absentee ballot available at the Town website (www.newgloucester.com) or in-person at the polling location at the June 8, 2021, election.

Profiles of each of the candidates can be found at Candidate profiles: Charter Commission – NGXchange and Candidate profiles: Charter Commission part II – NGXchange

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