Casco Bay CAN: Resources on stress and COVID-19

Eds’ note: Beth Blakeman-Pohl is program director of Casco Bay CAN and a resident of New Gloucester. She compiled and shared these terrific resources for families in this challenging time. […]

Eds’ note: Beth Blakeman-Pohl is program director of Casco Bay CAN and a resident of New Gloucester. She compiled and shared these terrific resources for families in this challenging time.

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Resources for Addressing Stress and Anxiety Regarding COVID-19

Child Mind Institute – An abundance of articles on COVID – 19 including Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

Dr. John Duffy – Television interview with Dr. Duffy gives his medical advice on how to adapt and stay calm during an anxiety inducing time –

Dr. Robert Brooks – Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

Greater Good Magazine – How School Closures Can Strengthen Your Family

Understood – Works to help students with learning and thinking differences, several resources under
Coronavirus: Latest Updates and Tips –

Commonsense Media – Resources for Educators During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Meditation for Feeling As Safe As You Reasonably Can – Rick Hansen, PhD

Anxiety and Depression Association of America – Corona Anxiety Helpful Tips and Tools

211 now available to answer general questions about COVID-19 – available by dialing 211 (or 1-866-811-5695), texting your ZIP code to 898-211, or emailing

Student Resources for Stress and Anxiety Regarding COVID-19

Headspace – meditation app offering some free meditations to reduce COVID-19 stress

The Conversation – Article with coping strategies

Well Being Resources from the University of Michigan – Fun relaxing videos great for study break

Core Power Yoga on Demand – Free!

National Alliance on Mental Health – COVID -19 Information and Resources

Breathe App – Free, combats stress/anxiety, acting as a natural tranquillizer for your nervous system. It takes just over a minute and can be done anywhere.

Hey Sigmund – mindfulness videos for kids

Virtual Get Together or Programming Ideas

Plan your get together or program as you typically would, you’ll need a program plan and marketing to let attendees know about it. Use Zoom Video Numbers (first come first serve), Skype, Kast, or FaceTime Group Video Calls.

1)      Zoom Silent Disco—we all love dancing, so why not do it with your friends? For a zoom silent disco, create a spotify/apple music playlist will all your favorite songs, then share that playlist with all your friends. Then, get on a Zoom call with your friends, pop your headphones in, and get dancing!

a)       Hop on a zoom call with your friends

b)      Everyone downloads the app “Pulse Social Radio” to listen together

c)       One person creates a station, and sends it out to their friends

d)      Everyone adds songs to the station, and dance away!

e)      Alternative, use a Zoom breakout room, share your audio w/everyone else on silent, and dance away together!

2)      Live Stream a favorite show and keep the chat open—Everyone loves a movie night, and those movie nights are event more fun with your friends! And no one likes when someone talks through a movie, so why not be able to chat about it silently? Try some of the links below to socially watch a movie with your friends!

a)       Watch videos and shows together with:

b)      Download the extension “Netflix Party” on Google Chrome to start a watch party! Join a Zoom call and put yourself on silent to watch all together

3)      Kast is another great watch together service!

4)      Virtual Cooking Class—This one is simple, and has a variety of ways to do it. Either you can pull up a YouTube video of a cooking class, and share your screen (or use one of the services above like Kast), or, one person leads a class cooking a dish, demonstrating each party of the recipe. Once you’re done, you can all eat together!

5)      Book Club

a)       Check out this free book site.

6)      Esports—Using native online features of the Switch, Xbox, and Playstation, create tournaments for all sorts of games! Using a website such as Challonge, you can create a bracket for your tournament. Using a service like Kast, you can watch one another & compete as you play computer-based games as well!

7)      Virtual Zumba/Yoga class—Things are stressful right now, we need a breather! Through Kast or Zoom, open a YouTube Zumba or yoga video, and come together for some class and relaxation!

a)       Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start! Adriene’s videos are free, fun, and accessible. Her videos range from 15-40 minutes, so there’s definitely a class for you!

b)      LIVELOVEPARTY.TV has a ton of Zumba videos for you & your friends to do!