Casco back to drawing board as New Gloucester town manager backs out

New Gloucester Town Manager Brenda Fox-Howard, whose last day on the the job is April 2, asked to be let out of her newly signed contract with Casco.

| Emily Bader, Lakes Region Weekly |

New Gloucester Town Manager Brenda Fox-Howard said she will no longer be joining the town of Casco as its new town manager next month.

Fox-Howard made the announcement at the March 15 New Gloucester Selectboard meeting in response to well wishes from resident Joe Davis.

“Thank you very much. I’m not going to Casco though, so just letting you know,” Fox-Howard said. “I just had a change of mind, so won’t be going there.”

Fox-Howard confirmed the news Tuesday and said she’s “just exploring some other options,” but didn’t provide more details. Her last day in New Gloucester will still be April 2.

“I’m really not quite sure yet which way I’m going to go,” she said. Keep reading