Book Review: “Dear Bob and Sue”

| Shannon Warren |

A wise uncle once told me never to gift a book to another person.  “Books are very personal,” he informed me, “and unless one jumps off the shelf and into your arms, you are not meant to read it.”  Thank goodness my friends do not follow the same logic, for I would miss out on some great reads.

Dear Bob and Sue by Matt and Karen Smith is the type of book I would not generally choose for myself.  It is also one of the funnest books I have read this year.

Told through a series of e-mails to their friends Bob and Sue, it is the story of one couple’s attempt to visit all 58 U.S national parks.  Funny, light-hearted, and informational, I felt as though I was traveling alongside the authors.

It is the perfect book for hikers, park enthusiasts, and those who prefer to travel vicariously through books rather than automobiles and the like.