At Fishermen’s Net this weekend

Here is whats happening at FISHERMEN’S NET this weekend:

We have some exciting things coming in tomorrow:  They are highlighted below this weekends price list. 
Here are this weekends prices 🙂
Fresh Haddock 5.99 LB
Steamers 3.89 LB
Mussels 2.50 LB
Crab Meat 11.99 8 oz
Salmon 12.99 LB
Arctic Char 12.99 LB
Steelhead Trout 7.70 LB (whole fish)
Swordfish 12.50 LB
Dry Sea Scallops 18.99 LB
Cod 6.99 LB
Red Fish 6.99 LB
“Maine” Shrimp 14.99 LB (canadian)
Fresh Calamari 4.99 LB
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HOURS:  Sunday &  Monday – 11:00 – 5:00  Tuesday – Saturday– 10:00- 6:00

Specials are “while supplies last” feel free to call and reserve
also known as Ocean Perch
Have you ever had it? We love it! It is sooo good! Redfish live in the deep waters of the Gulf of Maine. They were a prized source of food in the 1940s and ’50s, but not so much now. In 2010, for example,  fishermen harvested just 22 % of the total allowable catch, and much of that was used as bait. Programs like “Out of the Blue” and Locally Sourced restuarants have brought back its interest.  It is a wonderful local sustainable fish to eat- very reasonably priced for the quality you get!
We have Redfish Fillets arriving tomorrow 6.99 LB
We have had Steelhead fillet before- and you seem to be really enjoying it! How about trying something a little bit different… the whole fish! You will be amazed how easy it is to prepare. We have cleaned them for you. These fish are on the smaller size perfect for whole fish grilling or baking. (you won’t need a crowd to eat it) We can also cut you some steaks if you prefer. If you do a search for a recipe- any whole salmon or trout recipe will work. But here are a few that looked perticlarly yummy to us.
are you a fan of Calamari? Have you tried Fresh Calamari??
Have you ever stuffed it? When you are a fan of Squid ~Nothing is better than Fresh squid. It is such an inexpensive treat! The secret to cooking it- It cooks in seconds (to stay tender) , OR  cook it long enough to become tender again. Here are some recipes to try:


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