Appoint residents for the town manager search

| Letter to the editor from Cathy Gregory |

Eds’ note: Cathy Gregory shared with NGX the letter she sent to town leaders about the upcoming town manager search.

To the Board of Selectmen,

Thank you in advance for considering the following recommendation:

Regarding the hiring process for a new town manager, I urge the Board of Selectmen to appoint a group of New Gloucester citizens to help with the hiring of a new Town Manager.  I appreciate all the work that the Board undertakes and would like our Town to support you in this new effort to find a suitable Town Manager.  I understand that such a citizens group has successfully assisted the Board in selecting a Town Manager in the past. And although citizens have recently been included in the hiring process for the new Fire Chief, the Library Director, and the Assistant Librarian, unfortunately that was not the case in the hiring of the last two town managers.

Utilizing the expertise of three or four citizens at no cost to the Town makes perfect sense.  There are many experienced people here in New Gloucester who could take some of the pressure off the Board by researching information about the candidates, sitting in on interviews, presenting information, and making recommendations to the Board.  Of course, any decision on hiring would still be solely the responsibility of the Board.

Addition of citizens in this hiring process would not only increase the number of “heads” involved to share the work but would also help to reopen communication between the Board and the people of New Gloucester.

Thank you,

Cathy Gregory

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