Another single vehicle accident

|NGFR Press Release|

Prepared by: Captain Hale Fitzgerald
Number of Alarms: Still
Incident Commander: Deputy Chief Craig Bouchard
Incident Number: 21-NG0115
Incident Date and Time: March 15, 2021 at 1853

Incident Location: 707 Maine Street

Number of NGFR apparatus in response: 4
Number of NGFR personnel in response: 11
First NGFR unit on scene: Car 2

General Incident Description: New Gloucester Fire Rescue was dispatched to a motor vehicle rollover in the area of 707 Maine Street. Car 2 arrived on scene first to find a vehicle well off the road with very heavy damage and airbag deployment. The sole occupant of the vehicle had self-extricated and found walking around.

E2, A1, and Sq1 arrived on scene, accessing off of Shaker Road due to the location of the vehicle. A1 took over patient care from Car 2. E2 and Sq1 assessed the scene for additional hazards. A1 transported the patient with non-life threatening injuries to CMMC. All other New Gloucester apparatus cleared. All companies were in service at 2000.

Mutual Aid to the Scene: None

Mutual Aid to the Station: None

Vehicles Involved: 1

Entrapment: No

Hazardous Materials Released: None

Injuries: Driver of the vehicle had non-life threatening injuries, none to any fire personnel

PSA: Please drive safely on the roadways, this is our second major accident we have responded to today.

Hale Fitzgerald
New Gloucester Fire Rescue
611 Lewiston Road

New Gloucester, ME 04260