A welcome to our new town manager

| Letter to the editor from Alan Gregory |

Dear Ms. Landes,

Welcome to New Gloucester!

As a Town citizen, who routinely joins and participates in select board and other boards and committee meetings, I must say that you have brought a level of professionalism that has been missing in our Town. 

As a retired chief financial officer in governmental operations, I know how timely financial information helps keep managers and supervisors on track to obligate and execute their budgets. To leave appropriated funds “on the table” at the end of the year is highly disruptive to the programs for which they were intended, as well as being wasteful of our limited tax dollars. Your report Monday evening, on the current level of departmental obligations, provides us the transparency we need to ensure that managers, at all levels, are doing their utmost to use our tax dollars efficiently and effectively. In the long run, this financial transparency and accountability will help keep our tax burden low.

In my view, you have hit the ground running and displayed a keen sense of knowledge and insight into those key and complex issues brought to the select board. Your depth of understanding and application from your previous education and experience shows how you can apply critical thinking toward solving (and resolving) those management issues our Town faces. 

Well done!

I look forward to working with you in sustaining New Gloucester’s shared values and priorities to achieve the goals for what our Town wants to be in the future.


Alan Gregory
124 Gloucester Hill Road

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