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A walk with Shannon: Oversett Pond

Oversett Pond | Photo: Shannon Ehrich Warren

| Shannon Ehrich Warren |

This is a great hike for the bird and/or mushroom enthusiast!

Moderate in terms of difficulty (though on the difficult end of moderate if balance is an issue due to rocks, roots and narrow bridges), the well marked Sanborn River Loop path, near Greenwood, meanders along the river’s edge for a mile or so. Aside from the birds chattering, the river gurgling and Bogey’s tags clanging, there was not a sound to be heard – no hum of the highway or buzz of air traffic. It was utterly peaceful.

The 0.7 mile, rolling Connector trail intersects with the Sanborn River loop and winds through the woods ending at Oversett Pond, a terrific spot for a picnic and/or dip in the water before taking the 2-mile Oversett Pond Trail. The pond loop is the trickiest segment of the hike as it is quite narrow and there are some short, steep climbs. The highest elevation is 607 feet which allows for subtle breezes and great views of the pond below.

Although Bogey and I circled the pond and returned by the same route, there is a shorter alternate route that is marked as “out.”

We encountered one group during our 3-1/2 hour outing (which would have been about 2-1/2 if not for all the mushrooms we had to stop and gaze at), but otherwise we had the trail to ourselves on a Tuesday morning in August.

Photo: Shannon Ehrich Warren

I imagine it could be rather busy on a weekend during the summer months. What makes this hike even more interesting is that there are several trails that connect, so the distance can be as long or short as the individual desires.

There is no hunting allowed, although it appears fishing is encouraged. Dogs are welcome on leash.

Getting There:

Photo: Shannon Ehrich Warren

Take Rt. 26 north to Norway (approx. 16 miles)
Turn left onto Main St and follow for 3.4 miles
Turn Right onto Greenwood Rd.
Follow for 7.9 miles to Patch Mountain Rd. on the left.
Follow Patch Mountain Rd for 0.6 miles
Turn right onto Willis Mills Rd and follow for approx. 300 feet before staying right at the V onto Oversett Pond Lane

The parking lot and trailhead are at the end of Oversett Pond Lane.