A Selectman is More than a Policymaker

Peter Bragdon – Candidate for Selectman

In my opinion, town selectmen are more than just policymakers. They set the tone in town. As selectman, I feel I could offer a positive vibe for our community.

I also feel that selectmen visibility and casual accessibility should be increased, and I promise to show up around town! I understand that everyone is very busy. I also understand that it is not a requirement as a selectman to do any more than the administration stuff.  But with that said, among the five elected officials there could be more presence at community events.

 Here are examples of how I think more involved board members could be more present to the townspeople.

  • When a new business opens in town, doesn’t matter how big or small, they should be given recognition and have a small ribbon cutting.  Town leaders could be present (planning, selectmen, economic development committee etc) and publish it on social media. 
  • A regular Coffee Meet and Greet with the selectmen at various corner stores could allow people to feel heard before it becomes an issue. Selectmen should meet the public and listen to their concerns all year, not just at election time.  What about a bbq with a meet and greet at the fairgrounds!!
  • A representative of the select board could deliver unifying remarks at the Memorial Day Parade.
  • The BOS could have a presence at the Christmas Tree lightening and help serve cookies and hot chocolate,
  • And similarly, at other town events like the strawberry festival.
  • I also believe the selectmen should do more to thank the volunteers.  It should be a bigger deal. A meal should be held and volunteer of the year and possible committee of the year could be recognized.

I also feel the selectmen could work on some positive images for the town. This project could be in conjunction with the Economic Development Committee. We could start with signage at Stevens Brook, providing information about the mill that was once there.  It could also provide information on the fishing limits etc.   A larger sign could be placed at the block house that is informative.  It would be nice to place signs welcoming people to Lower Village and the Historic District.  Signs could be placed in Upper Village with directions or distances to attractions such as Pineland, Fairgrounds, and town services. We have many assets in this town and we could highlight them with signage.  Please don’t construe this as I want massive signs that would create an eyesore. I think it could be done in good taste. 

These thoughts have crossed my mind lately driving around town.  Yes, there is some cost to it but I feel the benefits outweigh the costs. These thoughts are just a starting point and I am sure there is more we could build from.

I look forward to your Vote on June 11th.   Please contact me with any questions/concerns.

Peter Bragdon   740-7528    prbragdon@gmail.com