Government Spotlight

A clarification from the town manager about the December 3rd select board video

|From Brenda Fox Howard via email|

The original video of the December 3rd select board meeting was not deleted and still remains as permanent town record. The recording available on the town’s website now includes a note that it has been edited. I considered the comments by Mr. Colby in the original video to be extremely offensive and inappropriate  to the public. Under advice from the town’s attorney, it was replaced with the edited version due to the insulting content.

No employee of New Gloucester is very proud to be here serving the Town right now. None of my staff members who daily serve the community share the sentiments expressed; they are equally as appalled and insulted as residents. However, we have endured the public lashing for the actions of that board member.

I have no power or control over the Board of Selectman and I am mortified to have him as one of my supervisors.  It is the Board of Selectman who controls this town government and the people of New Gloucester place each of them in those seats.  They have the power and authority, not the town manager.

Best Regards,