Your Past Doesn’t Define You or Your Future

Peter Bragdon  Candidate for Selectman

As I have promoted communication and transparency throughout this road to the election, I want to touch on recent tactics by others to cause alarm about my blunders in life.   I wanted to take time to explain that what happened 10 years ago doesn’t define me today or my future.

I realized after many surgeries and being prescribed my first opiate at age 14 I was dependent. Well, actually I was addicted to my prescribed dose of 240mg of oxycodone daily.   At the time the pain pills defined me.  It defined me as a not-so-good person.  I realized that after making awful mistakes, pills were awful for me.  I stopped the pills myself.  I eventually replaced the pills with alcohol. I drank my pain away.   Obviously this ruled my life. It made me make decisions and take actions that I am ashamed off.  

I am proud to say I’m free of those chains.  No alcohol and no pain pills!!

I almost died early in 2017 because my body shut down. I was contacted by the press to share my medical journey and the miracle it is I am alive.  My story was spread far and wide.  While sharing my story I was very open with what I did wrong in life also. I wanted people to know that there is hope in life after hurdles and failure. It was a chapter of my life that is now closed and finished. It was me, but it is not me now. People can change.  People can do wrong, which I did, and then do better. I corrected my actions.  I am not going to let my past define me. I am not going to fall to other people’s judgment.  I will not lower myself to others’ games.

I have served the town in many ways and will continue to do so.   I currently serve on the Budget Committee, Capital Improvement Committee, Community Fair Committee and Comprehensive Plan Update Committee.  I have proven that I am dedicated to the serving this town.   I am passionate about this town.  I am trust worthy.  I am a leader.  I want to help people. I love to serve.  I want to problem solve.  I want to find the middle ground.  I want to move this town forward.

If you have any questions for me please reach out to me.  I am more than willing to talk to you.  It’s all about communication and transparency and it will lead to trust.

In closing, I want to thank Steve Libby for his 21 years of service.  He has done a lot of great things for this town.   Though we did not always agree I have a lot of respect for him.  I also thank Lynn Conger for her multiple terms on the board.  

I look forward to helping lead the town thru this next phase.   I hope to have your vote on June 11th.

Peter Bragdon