Government Spotlight

Town Manager update Sat. Nov. 21

To: All Town Residents, Board of Selectmen & Staff
From: Brenda Fox-Howard, Town Manager
Date: 11/21/2020
Re: Town/Status Update–Public Works Building Reopening

Hello Residents, Board of Selectmen and All Staff Members

I do appreciate all of your letters of support for the Emergency decisions which were made last week due to a potential COVID-19 threat. As of today 11/21/2020, the current testing results will allow for the reopening of the Public Works Building & Department beginning on Monday 11/23/2020. The building, equipment and vehicles have all been sanitized and are ready for operation. The Transfer Station was previously re-opened for normal weekly hours last week.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through the situation.

Unfortunately, due to a recent state outbreak involving Emergency Response Personnel in several nearby communities, the Firehouse will remain in lockdown for Personnel ONLY. The Fire House is staffed and operational but we will remain in this status pending additional details from the Cumberland County Emergency Center.

Please also note that as this virus takes on many phases throughout the coming months, it may be necessary to close the Town Hall once again for appointments only in the future should the numbers begin to rise in our community. We are doing our best to remain safe and healthy for every one of you folks so that we can continue with normal services. It is more important than ever to remain diligent while out and about and to STAY HOME IF YOU OR A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY IS SICK!!!!

Thank you again for your support! If anyone has any additional questions or concerns, please contact me or a member of your Board of Selectmen directly.

Brenda Fox-Howard Town Manager