Board of Selectmen to consider library budget, timetable for vote; upcoming budget process

At their meeting tonight, the board of selectmen are slated to consider a revised budget for the library and to set dates for a public information session on it and for the formal town vote.

The board meeting will be at 7 pm on Zoom. Email Sharlene Myers at for codes to log in.

Also on the agenda, discussion of the FY 21-22 budget process and proposed parameters. Click here for the full October 19 agenda and supporting documents.

Tonight’s meeting represents another step on the long road to an approved library budget. Last week the budget committee recommended FY20-21 funding for the library at $102,033, equivalent to 36 hours per week with benefits for a library director and assistant librarian. The board of selectmen must finalize its own recommended library budget to go to voters. In September voters rejected a $96,026 budget that would have funded the assistant librarian position at 30 hours per week without benefits.