Thank you, Three cheers, and Onward!

| Penny Hilton |


First, I would like to thank everyone involved with our election process – our clerks, volunteers, Fire Dept, and people I don’t even know about – for providing a well-organized, friendly, safe and efficient election event, before, during and after, for New Gloucester voters. It’s what we expected, but should not be taken for granted.

Second, I want to say “three cheers!” for our town’s voter engagement. Democracy is a participant sport, and NG voters played!

Third, I urge the Board of Selectmen to address how to start the Town Charter process, approved by a clear majority of New Gloucester voters, at their next BOS meeting. This is a new process for New Gloucester, and the BOS and Town Manager should commit themselves to setting out a clear and coherent process for setting this commission up.

·  The BOS will get to appoint three people, and it would be fair for the public to know how they will make this choice, and by when.

·  The voters will choose six more by vote on a date the BOS will set with reference to state law. We need to know the relevant dates and deadlines for collecting signatures on nomination papers, and the date of the vote that will select these six.

This town is on the threshold of going through a process that can involve everyone who cares how this town runs. There will be MUCH discussion, inevitably some disagreement, and finally enough agreement to create a Charter that the majority of New Gloucester voters will support. This is exciting! Stay involved! Starting with attending the next BOS meeting to hear how it all begins…

Penny Hilton, New Gloucester

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