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Informational Forum about Town Charters – Now Available Online and on NGTV

Mitch Berkowitz of Gray and Norm Beauparlant of Poland joined New Gloucester residents for a conversation about town charters on May 15 at the meetinghouse.  Berkowitz, former town manager of Bridgton, Gray, and other communities, shared his perspective from having served in towns with and without charters.  Beauparlant, vice chair of Poland’s former charter commission, focused on the charter process and what Poland residents chose to change and retain in their 2009 charter. 

The discussion offered voters a chance to ask questions and hear from near neighbors–“neither pro or con,” and with “no skin in the game,” as Berkowitz put it–ahead of New Gloucester’s June 11 referendum vote on whether to establish a town charter commission. 

Video of the charter conversation with Berkowitz and Beauparlant is available on demand at this link and will be broadcast on NGTV Channel 1302 until election day, Tuesday June 11.  The detailed broadcast schedule is available below.

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Home Rule and Municipal Charter Facts

(Second article in the Q&A Charter Series)

  • In 1969 Maine Citizens adopted an amendment to the Maine Constitution that provided municipal “home rule”.
  • Home rule is very important for municipalities because it affords the citizens of a municipality the opportunity to adopt a municipal charter rather than depend upon the state legislature for their governing authority.
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New Gloucester Citizens for a Town Charter



February 8, 2019

Contact: Steve Hathorne


New Gloucester Citizens for a Town Charter

New Gloucester residents met recently to create a citizens’ action committee, New Gloucester Citizens for Town Charter to promote the creation of a Charter Commission, a question which will be put to a town-wide vote on June 11 this year.  Continue reading