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Sabbathday Lake Association Full Moon Paddle

Meet at the Outlet Beach and head South along West shore. Feel free to join in along the way.

Sabbathday Lake Association Meeting

Perseid Meteor Shower Viewing

Thursday, August 13th , will be the peak day for viewing one of the brightest meteor showers of the year! We’ll gather at the Shaker’s South Field along Perseid Meteor Shower Viewing at the Shaker’s South Field Shaker Road at 9:30pm, weather permitting, to view the sights emanating from the tiny space debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle as they burn up in our upper atmosphere. At its peak, one should be able to view from 60 to 100 meteor streaks per hour. Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of skill needed to watch a meteor shower. We should be able to see the shower with our naked eyes. Those with telescopes, large or small, or with binoculars are encouraged to bring them as we can use them to look for planets, the international space station, space junk, and other objects while we wait for the meteors to light up the sky. Bring a blanket or comfortable chair. Viewing is a waiting game, and you’ll want to be comfortable.

Sabbathday Lake Association Morning Paddle

Leaving from Outlet Beach and head South along West shore. Feel free to join in along the way.

Sabbathday Lake Association Sunset Cruise

Meet at the Outlet Beach Boat Ramp

Sabbathday Lake Association Invasive Plant Patrol Kick-off Meeting

We will be having an informal get together to review the survey process, share some new ideas, review the underwater camera operation and make sure everyone has the current forms to use for the 2015 survey. It will be a good way to visit other plant patrollers and share our stories from the 2014 survey. We had terrific participation last year, let’s try for another successful level 3 survey again in 2015.

The United Society of Shakers has generously made their community available for the meeting again this year so we will be gathering at United Society of Shakers Library where we met last year. There will be goodies to consume and coffee will be provided. I would like to keep the meeting to around an hour if possible, that way we will have the rest of the day to enjoy other activities and be with your company or guests. Please try to attend, your participation matters!

Sabbathday Lake Association Morning Paddle

Leaving from Outlet Beach and head South along West shore. Feel free to join in along the way.

Sabbathday Lake Association Meeting & Potluck Dinner

Potluck dinner–bring something to share. All members and interested persons welcome.

No Trespassing: Developer blocks access to Sabbathday Lake

For generations, some town residents have cooled off at a small, private beach at the south end of Sabbathday Lake.

 Not anymore.

A developer who bought the property two years ago is creating a seven-lot subdivision on the opposite side of Sabbathday Road, and this spring he erected fences blocking access to the beach and posted “No Trespassing” signs.


Revisiting the mission of the Sabbathday Lake Association

Over this past winter, the SDLA gave presentations to the New Gloucester Board of Selectmen and Planning Board. We also spoke at the town budget meeting and answered questions about our Association. It became clear that there were some misconceptions about the SDLA. So, we would like to revisit our mission statement… for our members.

Mission: The Sabbathday Lake Association is a non-profit, environmentally oriented, charitable organization formed to protect the water quality and natural resources of its watershed.

Here are some things that we do and do not do.
• The SDLA is a volunteer conservation organization. There are no required memberships of fees for property owners, and membership for lake property owners and other members in the community is strictly voluntary. We currently have approximately 90 members.
• The SLDA does not own property on the lake or have jurisdiction over access to the lake.
• The SDLA has no authority over the Grange Hall or the beach at the south end of the lake.
• The SDLA does not operate the boat ramp on Outlet Road. This ramp is operated and maintained by a small business located at the Outlet Beach in a lease agreement with the Shakers. The boat ramp is open to the public for a fee and SDLA members pay launch fees just like other members of the community.
• The SDLA does not host fishing derbies. Fishing derbies that do happen on the lake are run as fundraisers by other organizations through permits obtained from Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

We hope that this clarifies some concerns about our role as stewards of Sabbathday Lake. It is our privilege to serve on the SDLA board and we enthusiastically welcome new members.
To learn more about SLDA projects and activities, visit the website  and select the What We Do tab in the home page header.