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Sabbathday Lake Association Invasive Plant Patrol Kick-off Meeting

We will be having an informal get together to review the survey process, share some new ideas, review the underwater camera operation and make sure everyone has the current forms to use for the 2015 survey. It will be a good way to visit other plant patrollers and share our stories from the 2014 survey. We had terrific participation last year, let’s try for another successful level 3 survey again in 2015.

The United Society of Shakers has generously made their community available for the meeting again this year so we will be gathering at United Society of Shakers Library where we met last year. There will be goodies to consume and coffee will be provided. I would like to keep the meeting to around an hour if possible, that way we will have the rest of the day to enjoy other activities and be with your company or guests. Please try to attend, your participation matters!