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Herb Garden Design

In the early 1800s, the Shakers managed extensive terraced gardens that extended from the Village down to the shores of Sabbathday Lake. Crops were matched to the most suitable and ideal conditions. Learn the time-tested cultivation, harvest, and use of popular culinary and medicinal herbs while planning the custom-design of your own herb garden. Participants will learn about color, texture, height, companion planting, and soil composition.

Why you should experiment with hugelkultur in your garden

Most gardeners are accustomed to using a single method of gardening, maybe a plot or a raised bed. There are so many different gardening methods around the world, though, and some of them may help you grow better where you are.

One such method is hugelkultur, which translates to “mound culture” or “hill culture” in German, is a method of planting that involves growing plants on a mound of decaying material. Keep reading Sam Schiapani’s article in the Bangor Daily News.

Ground Works Garden Care

Ground Works Garden Care
New Gloucester, Maine 04260
Please call 207-650-4184 for rate and scheduling
Spring clean up, planting, weeding edging, deadheading, pruning, mulching, amending Fall put to bed
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