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Don’t miss the Strawberry Festival!

A Taste of New Gloucester: Italy Comes to Town [re-posting for Facebook – eds.]

By Julie Fralich

Finally a sunny, bright day in New Gloucester, so Michael and I decided to go check out the gelato at Thompson’s Orchard. We had been by many times and seen the sign but weren’t sure when it was open for business and what it was all about. We met up with Mike Thompson late in the day and admired his new cooler and array of over 20 varieties of gelato.

According to Mike, all the flavors come from Italy – but some of the ingredients are specially made from the bakery (for example, the blueberry pie) or from his apples and cider. 

Mike Thompson with gelato cookie bowls. Photo: Julie Fralich
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NG woman gets 6th James Beard nomination

NORTH YARMOUTH — In a tiny house at the corner of routes 9 and 115, Krista Desjarlais creates colorful cuisines that continue to garner national attention.

The owner of Purple House bakery – known in part for its Montreal-style bagels and ornate pizzas made by a wood-fired oven – is a semi-finalist for the 2019 James Beard Foundation award. Keep reading Alex Lear’s article in Keep Me Current.

New Gloucester’s Krista Kern Desjarlais nominated for James Beard award

Purple Reign: No. Yarmouth bakery gets 6th national award nod

In a tiny house at the corner of routes 9 and 115, Krista Desjarlais creates colorful cuisines that continue to garner national attention.

The owner of Purple House bakery – known in part for its Montreal-style bagels and ornate pizzas made by a wood-fired oven – is a semifinalist for the 2019 James Beard Foundation award.

In the running for being the best chef in the Northeast, the New Gloucester woman has been a semifinalist six times: from 2010-2013 during her time at Bresca in Portland, and 2018-2019 with the Purple House, which she opened in December 2016. She was a finalist in 2011. Keep reading Alex Lear’s article in The Forecaster.

NU Brewery to open in April

NEW GLOUCESTER — The community-focused brewery that originally planned to launch in October is nearing the home stretch and plans to open in April.

 NU Brewery (pronounced “New”), founded by President Chris Ventimiglia of Freeport and CEO Russell Voss of New Gloucester, will be located at 437 Lewiston Road.

The pair will create unique beers on site both for the tasting room and for their canning and kegging lines. Keep reading Jane Vaughn’s article from the Forecaster published in the SunJournal

Fishermens Net update, Feb 8

Happy Friday!

Fresh in today:
Salmon at $9.99/lb
Sea Smelt
Along with our regulars….
See you soon!!

Fishermen’s Net update


We had another successful week with our new “Take-N-Bake” Tuesday! Next week we will be featuring sea scallops with asparagus. More details to follow…
Super Bowl is upon us! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL????
We have Bud Light 6pks for $5.99
16-20 Shrimp $9.99/lb
13-15 Shrimp $11.99/lb
Sea Scallops $16.99/lb
Fresh scallop pieces $13.99/lb
Crab Dip
Clam Dip
Shrimp platters
Bacon wrapped scallops
Lobster prices are coming down!!!!!!!
Look forward to seeing all of you!!
Stay warm and enjoy the heat wave!

Press release: Cole Farms closing for renovations

Press release: Starting on January 22, 2019, we will be closing the restaurant for approximately eight weeks to renovate the interior of the building and redesign our kitchen. We plan to reopen the restaurant on or about March 15.

Parts of this building are over 60 years old and need to be updated, as does the building’s infrastructure, which will be addressed during the renovation. As part of the renovation, we will be making some changes to our menu, which we are excited about. We’ll be adding a brick oven to our kitchen and will be adding brick oven pizza to our menu. We also intent to add a small market to the first floor where you’ll be able to purchase local foods, craft beers, wine and spirits.

When we are open, things will look a bit different and there will be changes, but we’re confident that the changes will be positive. Cole Farms will still be the place you go to join friends and family for a great meal of coffee and dessert. We’ll still be your go-to place for family get-togethers and celebrations.

Change is a normal part of our lives and can sometimes feel uncomfortable. But the reality is that the world never stops changing and new opportunities arise all the time. The time is now to grab onto some of these new opportunities that are blowing our way.

As always, thank you for your patronage and support. We are nothing without our loyal customers! We ask for your patience during the renovations and look forward to introducing you to the new space and offerings when we reopen in March. See you soon!

Brad Pollard, Owner of Cole Farms

(This is reproduced here in its entirety as the Cole Farms website was not working correctly at the time.)


NG Pizza joint one of best in US

When you consider food in Maine, you might automatically conjure up images of buttery lobster and fried-to-perfection seafood. If you do that, you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, you’d be very, very right. But, your food dreams don’t need to end there. There are so many other options for great food in Vacationland, that you could easily create a multi-stop, internationally inspired food road trip here. In fact, maybe we should do that! But, while you’re waiting for that journey go for something tried-and-true…pizza! This one is a bit out-of-the-way, but it rivals anything larger you might find in Portland, Bangor or the touristy spots in the state. Keep reading in Only in Your State

Video of forum on New Gloucester’s agricultural economy available

The Nov. 26 forum on New Gloucester’s agricultural economy is now available online at https://newgloucester.viebit.com/player.php?hash=8rtbX25oQ1Rf