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Fishermen’s Net vacation sale

Fishermen’s Net is taking a vacation ūüôā ¬†Yay!!!
We are very excited for this little break, (first one in almost 10 years) 
We will return with a GRAND Re-OPENING Sale on 2/11.  
We will compete in the Chilli Chowder Challenge on Sunday 2/21
This means we have inventory we need to clear out!! We have put EVERYTHING on sale!! 
Come get a great deal ~ Stock up for while we are away ~ get a gift for a friend. 
We will be open until we sell out. (guessing it will take a couple of days)
See you soon,
Steph, Pam and Nicole

Shop at the Shaker Store or online

The Shaker Museum, founded in 1931, marked the close of its 84th season on Oct. 12. Visitors are being thanked for their patronage in partaking of tours, programs, demonstrations and special events throughout the season at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village.

The Shaker Store, 707 Shaker Road, New Gloucester, with a full line of gifts, crafts, herbs, yarn, homemade pickles, relish and jelly, and much more, will remain open on Saturdays, 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., through Saturday, Dec. 5, which denotes the date of the annual Shaker Christmas Fair.

New to the Shakers’ website is an online store of their herbs and tea at www.maineshakers.com. Since 1799, the Sabbathday Lake Shakers have cultivated, packaged, and distributed to the public an important selection of sweet herbs and medicinal herbal teas. Following that same early tradition, now they offer a selection of gourmet culinary herbs, herbal blends, spices, herbal teas, and culinary waters that represent their long and continuing heritage. Their herbs are grown in gardens more than 200 years old, dried in a facility built in 1845, and packaged in tin canisters just like those used by their forebears throughout the 1800s.

After-Halloween treats from Fisherman’s Net

How about some after Halloween treats- to help you all out of those candy comas?
Lobster Specials!

Save $3 off each pound of knuckle and claw lobster meat!!

(1)  1.0-1.24 LB lobster, cup chowder, fries $16
(1) 1.25-1.49 LB lobster, cup chowder, fries $19
(1) 1.50-1.82 LB lobster, cup chowder, fries $22

Lizziesraggs Farmhouse Primitives Sale

Draw the Percent Off for your Fall Prims Purchase! All Fall Prims including the white and orange pumpkins. Draw amount from 20% up to 50% off . You may be the lucky one and get 50% off your total Fall Prim Purchase. Sale is only for Fall Primitives.


OPEN Thurs. Fri. & Sat. 10-4.

NG company plays troubleshooting role for developing world

When a developing country in some far-flung region of the globe has a problem that requires technology to solve, there’s a good chance it will place a call to New Gloucester, Maine.

For the past 23 years, New Gloucester has been home to Planson International, a small, low-profile business that has developed a reputation in the developing world for its ability to handle any job. Recently, the company has been a behind-the-scenes player in the effort to track Syrian refugees fleeing to other countries, and an advocate for the continued operation of a controversial government entity that loans money for foreign purchases of U.S. goods. Keep reading

Fishermen’s Net update

Hi Everyone,

Just a note to tell you we have Salmon Corn Chowder and Haddock Chowder today as well as;
Some of you know I have been working on a scallop cake recipe… Last one was pretty close, I just felt it needed something.¬†¬†So I added a few yummy ingredients and this might be it! But I need your opinions! So come and try them at a discounted rate of 3.50 each.¬†¬†(Regularly $5)
P.S. they now have BACON!!!
See you soon!

Update from Fishermen’s Net

Hi Everyone,

    Happy first day of Autumn.  It is a beautiful day out there! Still warm enough to be grilling, and cool enough for some chowder. Here is what came in today and also what we have scheduled for Friday.
Fresh Haddock 7.99 LB
Fresh Chowder Haddock 3.99 LB!!!!
Dry Sea Scallops 19.99 LB
Fresh Swordfish 12.99 LB
Mussels 3.29 LB
Organic Salmon 12.99 LB
Fresh Crab Meat 11.99 8oz
Tuna will be in Friday
Mako will be in Friday
** We wanted to make you aware, that we have changed where we purchase our shrimp. You may have heard about Human trafficking and Slavery tied to the asian shrimp industry in the news. Its awful. Here is the link if you would like to educated yourself http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2015/03/25/world/asia/ap-seafood-from-slaves.html
After we read this article, Pam and I both agreed we could not support this industry until proven that the slavery and torture stopped.
What does this mean for you:  We have found a few new choices most of them are gulf shrimp. This will make our shrimp a little more expensive then it was, but we feel that its really a no brainer. We are also making sure our Calamari and any other frozen seafood are to the best of our ability fished without the use of slaves. 
We urge you to think when you are ordering seafood out at restaurants, or buying at other locations. Cheaper often comes at a price and this is very costly to many. 
See you soon,
Steph and Pam

Lizziesraggs schedule

Will be OPEN tomorrow Sunday 1-5. Next week OPEN Wednesday & Thursday 10-4. Closed Friday & Saturday. Added NEW Fall Prims. Pumpkins and Gourds for sale. We are located on 80 Peacock Hill Rd., New Gloucester.

Fishermen’s Net Update

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Can you believe that this weekend is Labor day weekend? Kids are either headed back, or already back in school, and another summer is almost over! How does it go by so fast??
Are you having a party? The last hurrah of the summer? This is when we remind you to place your orders. Be sure to let us know what you need, we will happily have it ready at the time you need it.

Here are some the many goodies we have in store now ūüôā
Arctic Char 12.99 lb
Halibut 20.99 lb
Perch 6.99 lb
Swordfish 12.99 lb
Huge Dry Scallops 19.99 lb
Fresh Haddock 6.99 lb

Plenty of lobsters too!
See you soon
Steph and Pam

Fishermen’s Net for sale

Hi Everyone,

We have some news to tell you about. Pam and I have decided to put the Fishermen’s Net up for sale. This was not an easy thing to decide. We have been going back and forth on the idea for some time now. It is important for us to find the right person or people, this business is our baby. We need to find someone who will grow and succeed at what we started, (maybe even do a better job) We know that could take time.

So let us be clear: We have no intention of closing. DID you read that ?? We aren’t going anywhere

until we have someone who can continue what we started. We have a long plan all figured out, in case this takes years. ūüôā We are nervous that as the news spreads people will think we are closing, or something is wrong and stop coming to see us. So PLEASE be sure to pass along the info that we are here until we sell. We are great, Love what we do and will find someone who will do a great job. (thanks)

It is important to us that you all know what we are planning for the future. You have made this such a wonderful business. YOU are what we will miss the most, and what made this decision so difficult for both of us. It just didn’t feel right having you hear about it from someone else, and we wanted to make sure you all had the correct information.

And who knows, maybe one of you would love to do what we do, and want to buy the business.

We know a lot of you will wonder why? There are a few reasons that tipped the scale to this decision, these few are at the top:

  • Pam would like to retire soon, spend time with her grandchildren- before they are all grown up.

  • Stephanie would like to start a family, and if lucky enough would like to devote the majority of her time to them.

  • We have been established here in Gray for a good long time. (just started year 10). Our business is profitable & growing. With the Narrow Gauge Railroad arriving just down the street, it will only grow more.

These things make it feel like now is the right time to sell. This is bitter sweet for both of us. We are excited about the changes that may be on the horizon for us. But we love being here with all of you, this is a great community and we are proud to be a part of it. We are also proud of what we have done here, it’s a good business.

*If you are interested in buying the Fishermen’s Net- swing in, or call. We can set up a time to show you what happens behind the scenes, the numbers and what we have accomplished.

See you soon,

Steph and Pam