Save the Opportunity Farm View

[Peter Bragdon]
Recent events have gotten many people worrying about a gem in our community:  the view from the top of Gloucester Hill Road could potentially look different. This pasture / view has been the site for an uncountable number of pictures, not to mention a long list of people enjoying the cows, having a picnic lunch, sledding and much more.

The planning board recently approved a house to be placed in the pasture of the Opportunity Farm, now known as the Morrison Center.
After the dust settled from the board meeting, a site walk and public hearing, it was learned this is just a proposal from the current property owner and not a plan set in stone.  The property is still for sale and can be purchased by anyone.  The list price for the 25 acres is $250,000.
The listing on the Maine MLS goes on to say it can be used as a sub division and does have planning board approval for a house lot.   The seller is also offering a land/building package.

Sunrise from Gloucester Hill
Photo: Mike Thompson

I want to relay the wide-spread concern about possibly losing this cherished spot. The current owner has done nothing wrong by any means. They are protecting their personal interests and investment.

A small group of citizens has formed to try and raise funds to purchase this property. Even though raising over $200k seems like a challenge, it certainly is doable.   At first I thought the math was wrong but if 1000 people donated or raised $250 you would have $250,000. I know there are several different angles to this but examples shows the goal is feasible with some team work.
A Facebook page is being set up. Look for “Save the Opportunity Farm View”.  I encourage you to join and get on board with this movement. 
I am not the driving person behind this but I certainly admire this group’s work and will support in anyway I can.