Patti’s Jan. 15 “Inside New Gloucester” column

Madam Mayor

New Gloucester’s first Honorary Pet Mayor, Maggie Mae Haley, received an official certificate proclaiming her title from Recreation Director Sarah Rodriguez on Jan. 8. The duties of holding this office include making public appearances at special events and posing for photo opportunities.

Maggie Mae, 2½, strikes an imposing figure as she is half Saint Bernard and half Tibetan mastiff. According to Haley family members, their pet loves to go for walks at the New Gloucester Fairgrounds and frolic with her brother at the playground. Her favorite activity is lying around with her family and her pet peeve is not being able to go everywhere her human family goes.

Maggie Mae won the contest in a random drawing held on Dec. 18, 2020. Her reign as pet mayor extends from Dec. 19, 2020, through Dec. 17, 2021. This fundraiser for the Recreation Scholarship Fund yielded approximately $400.

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