NG selectman recall petition submitted, awaits certification

335 residents signed the petition seeking to remove George Colby, following comments made at a December Selectboard meeting that petitioners deemed racist.

| Emily Bader, Lakes Region Weekly |

NEW GLOUCESTER — A group of residents submitted a petition to recall Selectman George Colby Tuesday morning, giving the town clerk and Board of Selectmen 20 days to certify the signatures and call a special election.

Stephen Hathorne, a former selectman, and Nichole Stevens, an SAD 15 Board memberwere the primary organizers of the petition drive, but several residents, many of whom are active in the group New Gloucester United Against Racism, aided in collecting the 335 signatures.

According to the town’s recall ordinance, a petition must have signatures from at least 10% of the number of ballots cast in the most recent gubernatorial election, or, in this case, about 293 signatures.

The petition that Stevens and Mel Craig submitted to the town Tuesday had 335 signatures, according to a press release prepared by Lauren Frantz.

The town clerk has 10 days as of Tuesday to certify the signatures and hand over the petition to the Board of Selectmen, according to the recall ordinance. The Selectboard then has 10 days to call for a special town vote, which must be held within 45 to 60 days from that point. For the recall to pass, 55% of voters must vote in favor.

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