NG Fire Rescue report on May 5 Intervale fire

One of 8 water drops by Maine Forest Service | Photo: NGFR

Town of New Gloucester, Maine
New Gloucester Fire Rescue

Press Release

Prepared by: Captain Hale Fitzgerald
Number of Alarms: 3+Forestry Strike Team
Incident Commander: Chief Toby Martin
Incident Number: 2020-0194
Incident Date and Time: 05/05/2020 at 1258

Incident Location: Intervale Road at the Railroad Tracks

Number of NGFR Engines in response: Two
Number of NGFR Tankers in response: None
Other NGFR apparatus in response: Four (Ambulance 1, Squad 1, Utility 1, and the Mule UTV).
Number of NGFR personnel in response: 12
First NGFR unit on scene: Car 1

General Incident Description:

New Gloucester Car 1 was on his way to a meeting when he noticed smoke in the area of Intervale Road near the railroad tracks. He investigated and found an area of woods burning near the railroad tracks. He immediately asked for a still alarm for an outside fire. New Gloucester Car 4 arrived on scene and assumed operations. Upon investigation an area approximately 50×200 was found burning and spreading at a fast rate. The incident was upgraded to a 2nd alarm.

The fire continued to spread rapidly due to high winds and into an area of wetlands near the Royal River and the Intervale Preserve. At this point, mutual aid from the Maine Forest Service helicopter was requested and the incident proceeded to a 3rd alarm with an additional strike team for forestry equipment. Crews continued to work three areas of fire spread until 100% containment at 1500. Crews continued to mop up hot spots and overhaul. The incident was recalled at 1732.

Mutual Aid to the Scene: North Yarmouth, Durham, Pownal, Gray, Auburn, Freeport, Yarmouth, Windham, Raymond, Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine Forest Service.

Mutual Aid to the Station: Falmouth, Poland.

Water Supply: Hydrant at Memorial School was utilized by Auburn. 3000 gallons of water was used in addition to 8 water drops by the Maine Forest Service helicopter.

Injuries: None

Area Burned: 10.3 acres

Factors: wind, dry fine fuels, access.

Cause: Undetermined.

PSA: Even though fire danger is low, wildland fires can still occur. Today’s fire danger classification was low. Due to high winds, the New Gloucester Fire Department was not issuing burning permits today.

Overview of the scene | Photo: NGFR
Fire on arrival | Photo: NGFR