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Local COVID-19 cases rising exponentially

The latest Maine CDC data by zip code shows that New Gloucester’s cumulative COVID numbers are rising exponentially. It started out slowly, with just one case in April, then rising to 6, then 11, where it stayed over the summer and into the fall. In early November til now, numbers have been rising steeply, from 15 on November 8th to 38 on December 6th. If this trend continues, numbers will soon double again. (If exponential increase seemed confusing in math class, this is a real-life, real-time example.)

Local cumulative confirmed and probably cases of COVID-19. Data from Maine CDC

According to Dr. Nirav Shah, director of the Maine CDC, the recent spread of infections is largely due to in-home gatherings. See the Maine CDC Covid data web page for detailed data and regular updates.

~ Debra Smith