Letter to the Editor: Elect Misty Coolidge

| Penny Hilton |

It has been one heck of a hard year! But you know who has remained upbeat, generous, inspiring, flexible, and busy? Misty Coolidge! You may have seen some of the articles in Portland publications about her work for the Good Shepherd Food Bank, or how the wedding business (think Coolidge Family Farm and Coolidge Chapel) has survived even under Covid-19, with imagination, pragmatism, and good business sense.

Misty really loves serving people, in public, in private, and in between. And she doesn’t see sides – she sees people, and she sees opportunity. Next time you see her, stop and talk. She’d love it.

With those smarts, that charisma, and an astonishing focus on getting good things done for us, I cannot think of anyone who will better represent and serve our community in Augusta than Misty. Vote Coolidge for State Rep.

Penny Hilton, New Gloucester

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