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|Notice on town website from Brenda Fox Howard, Town Manager|

Hello Everyone.   
I am aware that most everyone here in New Gloucester enjoys very elaborate Halloween celebrations!  While this is a great time of year to celebrate the Fall and for children and adults alike to dress up in their very scary costumes, we are still being urged by the CDC as town leaders to maintain caution and vigilance by remaining safe from the CORONA virus spread.

This year, our gracious Recreation Director in partnership with the Gray recreation department have managed to organize a great, safe and fun event at the fairgrounds for families, especially the children!

This event was produced in the hope that folks will refrain from their normal door-to-door, trick- or-treating events.  This is for the safety of both the children and the adult citizens of each doorbell you would ring for a treat, another potential for further spreading of the virus.  

As your town manager, I am urging folks to not conduct the traditional door-to-door, trick-or-treating this year.  If you have the ability to organize personal safe family events or attend one of the safe sponsored Halloween activities either here in New Gloucester at the Fairgrounds or in Gray, that really is the safest choice this season.  I have also attached a link to the existing CDC Guidance for Halloween safety.  This sentiment is shared by almost all towns here in Maine.

 Please have fun this Halloween but make it a safe one for all families.

Thank you, 
Brenda Fox Howard, Town Manager

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