GNG Students Send a Message to Adults with Project Sticker Shock

| Lisa Knedler (teacher), Andrew Keddy, Ava Pinard, Ben Cobb, Gwen Pollard (Jess N Nics owner) Annie Reynolds, Kailey Wilkinson, Quinn Lamoureux |

Students from GNG Middle and High Schools collaborated with the Cumberland County Sheriffs Office and Casco Bay CAN to visit local businesses and promote Project Sticker Shock, a national and state-wide program.

The students volunteered to be a part of the project and bring awareness to the ramifications of purchasing alcohol for underage individuals. High school students placed stickers on alcohol packs that highlight Maine laws about providing or purchasing alcohol for a minor. Middle school students placed stickers on pizza box toppers with the message “Because We Care About Teens, We Will Not Provide the Means” with state penalties listed.

Volunteers wore t-shirts promoting their efforts and they presented participating businesses with a “thank you” recognition certificate for helping promote keeping youth safe and healthy. Project Sticker Shock is held twice a year, in December during the holiday season and again in the Spring, during prom and graduation season. For more information, visit

| Photos: Beth Blakeman-Pohl, Casco Bay CAN |