Community in a time of pandemic

Dear Neighbors,
As schools, workplaces, stores and other venues close in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we recognize how much we depend on each other for support. We are being impacted by developments far beyond the boundaries of New Gloucester, and will post information relevant to all of us, whether from local or international sources as this crisis plays out. We urge you to stay informed, stay home if you can, and take care of each other.

We’ve set up a community group on our Facebook page for sharing information, questions and request/ offers for assistance. (It’s open to NG community members only. You can see the group, please request approval to join.)

Stay up to date on developments through :
Maine CDC
• Federal CDC
• Portland Press Herald’s coronavirus coverage (free access)

NGX Editorial Team
Debra Smith, Joanne Cole & Diane Salisbury