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Supporting the New Gloucester Agricultural Economy

New Gloucester’s working lands are vital to the towns economy, environment and its identity. The town website highlights its 48.6 square miles as having many acres of farmland and forest and “New Gloucester is a… prosperous farming community…the town treasures its rural character yet seeks to blend its future growth with the traditions of its past”.

Members of the Economic Development committee hosted Stephanie Gilbert from Maine Department of Agriculture and Nina Young of Maine Farmland Trust for its second community forum on “New Gloucester’s Agricultural Economy: Ways to Protect and Promote.” The speakers highlighted various ways that farmland owners and their communities can work in a symbiotic way to continue to build a town of open space and farmland. Ms.Young asked attendees to consider “What are the areas in your town that you want to remain farmland, forest/woodlands, open space/wildlands?” leading to a robust discussion on the economic impact farms provide a community. Continue reading

Report from the Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee (EDC) met on January 14. The agenda included review of and reports from the three public forums hosted by the EDC during 2018. Those forums were: Regional Context for Growth in the Greater Portland Area, the Creative Economy, and the Agricultural Economy. All three forums sparked lively conversations about how our town can support economic development. Continue reading