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Don’t dump it, donate it!

|Joanne McKee, Environmental Resources Committee|
Places to recycle items instead of putting them in the hopper or taking them to the transfer station:
• New Gloucester Library: Books,CDs, Games, shopping bags. 926-4840
•   207-699-5565.   Companies and offices, donate good that teachers and the public can use. Also accept donations from the public. (paper, markers, you name it)
•  Habitat for Humanity ReStore located in Topsham  Can donate furniture, building supplies, other items.  Will pick up and also give a receipt.  Public can also buy items.
•  For an annual fee of $50 or donation of your time, you can sign out 8 items / week. Tools, kitchen items, auto repair items, etc.  Inventory on line. Can also donate items.
•  Can donate all types of sports gear including bikes. Bike maintenance taught. Items can also be purchased.

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Casco Bay CAN tip of the month: The best gift

Giving thanks

|Layla Stephenson, age 8|

I’m thankful for my family,
I’m thankful that I have a house,
I’m thankful that I have lots of toys,
I’m thankful for my pets,
I’m thankful for my friends,
I’m thankful that I have a school to go to,
I’m thankful that I can have a full meal everyday because some people don’t have that,
I’m thankful that I have fresh, clean water,
I’m thankful that I have a car so that we can go anywhere.

What are you thankful for?

Maine Observer: Cat and owner rescue one another in New Gloucester

|Cheryl Stringer, Special to the Telegram|
One endearing thing about pets is that they are not judgmental. They don’t care what you look like, how much you weigh or the size of your bank account. If you give them loving attention, they think you are simply wonderful.

A small, malnourished cat showed up at our house seven years ago. She hid by day under our shed, and came out only after dark. She shied away if I got too close, but hunger repeatedly drew her onto the deck, where she bolted down the food I left for her. It was winter. I had to get her inside. Keep reading in the Portland Press Herald

Celebrate safely: Monthly tip from Casco Bay CAN

Halloween thanks from Parks & Recreation

Thank you the hundreds of families who came out tonight. Thank you to wonderful neighborhood of the Lower Village for supporting this evening. Thank you New Gloucester Village Store the cookies were wonderful. Thank you New Gloucester Fire Rescue and Public works for supporting and providing safety to our community. Thank you to the volunteers.

Happy Halloween!

#NGcommunity #ghostslow

FOUND: Bicycle on Gloucester Hill Road

New Gloucester’s Yolked food truck puts an egg in almost every dish

|Kathryn Skelton, Sun Journal|

A Raymond couple who also raise chickens are prepared to serve 200 people daily outside NU Brewery.

NEW GLOUCESTER — Self-described “chicken people” Jesse and Mindy Bouchard opened Yolked Farm to Table Food Truck outside NU Brewery last summer with an egg in almost every dish.

There is a poached egg on poutine. A fried egg on the signature burger. Egg whites on the chicken fingers and egg yolks in the homemade ice cream in whatever-inspires-him flavors like basil, sweet corn or blueberry pancake, many ingredients raised or grown within 20 miles. Continue reading

Pineland Garden in fall– it’s not too late to visit!

Pineland’s garden at the intersection of Rte 231 and Allen Road is open to the public through October. Photos: Debra Smith

Fall scenes