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Pickleball anyone?

The New Gloucester Parks and Recreation Department has arranged for the tennis courts at Rowe station to be lined to accommodate pickleball. Additionally, time has been allocated each Thursday from 10-12 exclusively for pickleball players. Players can utilize the court at any other times a first come first serve basis.
The game is easy to learn and lots of fun to play. Equipment consists of paddles and balls (both can be borrowed from the town library). Anyone interested in playing is welcome to come to the courts at 10 any Thursday to learn the game and play with other interested people. 
Hope to see you out there.
Dick Allen

PHOTO: Dragonflies dance in New Gloucester

— By Russ Dillingham — Sun Journal

“A pair of dragonflies dance around the pond at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester on Monday afternoon.” Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

PHOTO: Frolicking at New Gloucester beach: Children and adults cool off at Outlet Beach on Monday

— By Russ Dillingham — Sun Journal

“Young and old cool off and play in at Outlet Beach on Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester on Monday afternoon. The beach has been a privately owned traditional swimming hole since the 1920s. The snack shack is the oldest standing structure on the lake. For more information about hours at the beach and the snack shack, visit”
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Tom Driscoll

Big turtles are crossing the road this time of year and they do not always look both ways before crossing.  They are slow and relatively small and no match for a vehicle.

Photo: Tom Driscoll
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Pine Pollen on the Ponds!

Living on a lake shore is living on “the edge” between the forest and the lake ecosystems.

The sharp contrasts while observing from “the edge” amplifies our perceptions of the seasonal changes in nature.

This time each year New Gloucester’s Sabbathday Lake (a “Maine great pond) gets nature’s pollen treatment. 

The north sure of Sabbathday Lake on June 19th
Photo: Tom Driscoll
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Friends of the Library Multiples Value of Book Donations

On a recent tour of the New Gloucester Public Library’s basement with Friends of the Library President Deborah Chandler, I was struck by the highly-refined system the Friends operate in support of our local library. This work by the dozen-or-so Friends, who convene every Tuesday, takes place in a warren of subterranean rooms, only a few of which are seen by the public at their twice-annual book sales. “Yes,” admits Deb, “we are organized to within an inch of our lives.”

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Ladies in Waiting

Ladies in Waiting
Photo: Kevyn Fowler

The Original “Ice Out” Before Sabbathday was the Lake

Ice!  Only 16,000 years ago, Maine and New England were covered by a huge glacier which extended all the way offshore to the coastal shelf! Cape Cod and Long Island are the furthest obvious extent in the northeast; think of how a plow pushes snow at the end of your driveway.

At that time the ice over “Sabbathday Lake” and all of Maine was about one mile thick (5000’ +/-). Glaciers grow, and then they retreat.  The climate warmed up and the glacier started melting (retreating).  About 12,500 years ago it had receded to the northwest and the area around Sabbathday Lake was free of ice.

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Join the 2020 Census Team

Field operations workers needed in the New Gloucester area for the 2020 US Census. Pay is $16.50/ hour and .58/ mile for travel. Apply online at or call 1-855-JOB-2020 (1-855-562-2020).

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Snowdrops by Kevyn Fowler, April 3, 2019