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New Gloucester’s Yolked food truck puts an egg in almost every dish

|Kathryn Skelton, Sun Journal|

A Raymond couple who also raise chickens are prepared to serve 200 people daily outside NU Brewery.

NEW GLOUCESTER — Self-described “chicken people” Jesse and Mindy Bouchard opened Yolked Farm to Table Food Truck outside NU Brewery last summer with an egg in almost every dish.

There is a poached egg on poutine. A fried egg on the signature burger. Egg whites on the chicken fingers and egg yolks in the homemade ice cream in whatever-inspires-him flavors like basil, sweet corn or blueberry pancake, many ingredients raised or grown within 20 miles. Continue reading

Pineland Garden in fall– it’s not too late to visit!

Pineland’s garden at the intersection of Rte 231 and Allen Road is open to the public through October. Photos: Debra Smith

Fall scenes

A Visit to NU Brewery

|Michael Fralich|
ussell Voss and Chris Ventimiglia welcomed my wife, Julie, Deb Smith and me warmly on our recent visit to their new establishment NU Brewery at 437 Lewiston Road this past Wednesday. It was a sunny day and their building and grounds looked beautiful in the fall sunshine. It’s hard to miss their distinctive two tone dark blue, light blue building if you have occasion to be driving down Route 100 between the blinker and Gloucester Hill Road.

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How to make 160 apple pies on a September Friday

With apples donated by Thompson’s Orchard and proceeding assembly-line fashion, a crack team of volunteers peeled, cored, and sliced their way through bushels of macs, and rolled, shaped, filled, and crimped crusts on Friday, September 27 for the Historical Society’s annual fall fundraiser pie sale. 

Crew chief and lead baker Avis Ford lighted the vestry oven at 6 a.m. on Friday, but preparations began well before that, with pastry dough made in advance from scratch—eight pies’ worth per bag—and pre-measured seasonings and sugar for the pie filling. The work concluded well after dark, some 160 pies later.     

Michelle Dwinell of Intervale Road puts the finishing touch on another crust
Avis Ford of Intervale Road transfers baked pies from oven to cart to cooling racks

Maine foliage reports: best leaf-peeping locations, when to expect peak color, and more

Track foliage by region, discover scenic drives, and learn which trees produce purple leaves at the Maine Foliage website from the Department of Agriculture Conservation & Forestry.

Hat tip to the Town of Gray’s News about Town September newsletter for the link

5 Tips for monitoring your teen to prevent underage substance use – from Casco Bay CAN

About the Turtles in My Christmas Tree this Summer

[Tom Driscoll]
Sabbathday Lake is home for many little painted turtles, and a few huge snappers.  But, Sabbathday does not naturally provide much underwater “structure” for the fish, turtles, and other animals that live in, on, and around the lake.  In lakes, “structure” is things like fallen trees, stumps, or rocky areas where animals can find cover and concealment from their predators. 

Sabbathday is simply a big 65’ deep scoop in the glacial sand deposit, like what you create on a sandy beach when you dig a hole with your hands and water seeps in.  The bottom of Sabbathday looks just like a big underwater sandpit.

Turtles, Christmas tree and Winston. Photos: Tom Driscoll

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Fall classes for adults: GNG Adult and Community Education and USM-LAC’s Senior College

Terrific learning opportunities for adults are close by, thanks to GNG Adult and Community Education and, for those 50 and up, Senior College in Lewiston-Auburn.  Fall classes are already getting under way, so check out the possibilities soon.

GNG Adult and Community Education has long offered a robust range of enrichment classes: arts, personal finance, travel, and more.  But Stephanie Haskins, director of GNG Adult and Community Education, wants to be sure the community knows about the career and education support they also offer.  “We’re like the guidance office, but for adults,” she said.  “Our services go well beyond the high school credential.” Classes to assist with the transition to college, including time-management, study skills, and financial aid, are available, and on the career side, business and skills-training classes.  Browse course offerings hereClick here for program and contact info

If you’re 50 or older, consider Senior College, which offers intellectually stimulating classes and, according to Laura Jane Sturgis of New Gloucester, “the chance to meet some wonderful people.”  The six- or eight-week courses are a bargain at $25, and are offered weekdays in Lewiston-Auburn, typically during daytime hours.  Homework is light and conversation lively.  Topics this fall draw from history, arts, literature, science, philosophy, and beyond.  Sturgis herself is taking a course called “Baseball and the Pursuit of Happiness,” and teaching Dickens’s novel “Great Expectations.”  The catalog is available here.

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[A poem by New Gloucester resident Myah Garrison in Maine Women Magazine]

A postcard kind of pretty.
Arching green, breeching rocks…
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