Budget Committee to consider new library budget Thurs. Oct. 15

The town budget committee will meet to consider a revised budget for the library on Thursday October 15 at 6 pm on Zoom. Public comment will not be permitted, but interested citizens can watch the meeting online. Email Sharlene Myers at for codes to log in.

At their most recent meeting, the board of selectmen proposed FY20-21 funding for the library at $102,033, equivalent to 36 hours per week with benefits under prior staffing. Voters in September rejected a $96,026 budget that would have funded the assistant librarian position at 30 hours per week without benefits.

In early October the board voted to send the proposed $102,033 library budget to the budget committee for independent consideration. Following the committee’s October 15 review, the board is expected to finalize its recommendation for a library warrant article to go to voters, a third library budget ballot this year. The board of selectmen next meets on Monday October 19 at 7 pm on Zoom.

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How should New Gloucester develop its budget? Should the budget be approved at town meeting or by voting at the polls? What should be the process if a budget article fails?

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