Borrow it from the library: magazines

|Carla McAllister, NG Public Library|:
Do you like to read magazines or just certain parts of magazines but hate to pay out for single copies or subscriptions? NGPL to the rescue. We have a wonderful selection of magazines, from AARP to Fine Gardening to Women’s Day and lots of others in between. In fact, we have over 70 different magazines just waiting to be borrowed. You can take out the latest edition, unlike some libraries, and they are not due back for three weeks. We also have a give-and-take basket with gently used magazines from which you can take and keep, and into which you can leave magazines that you are through with so that others might enjoy them.

Magazines you can borrow from the library. Photo: Carla McAllister

[First in a series. Watch for other great stuff that you can borrow from the library.]