Environment Spotlight

A walk with Shannon: Bald Mt. Loop Trail

| Shannon Ehrich Warren |

Photo: Shannon Warren

The out and back Bald Mt. Loop trail (in Sumner, ME) is moderate with some steep ascents – definitely a cardio workout! – and the views from the top are incredible. Round trip took us 2 hours with a lot of stops for oohing and ahhing and photo taking.

I set out fairly early on a Sunday morning with Bogey and we had the mountaintop to ourselves – which was quite a treat. On our return trip, we passed several friendly folks and dogs who were on their way up the trail (though narrow, there is plenty of space to hop off and allow fellow hikers to pass).

Getting to Bald Mt. (approximately an hour and 15 minutes from New Gloucester) is half the fun, with meandering back roads and some neat scenery. Upon arrival, the trailhead is well marked and there are several pull offs for parking (though I have a feeling space might be tight on busier days).

Photo: Shannon Warren