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Header photo: Debra Smith

Why Did so Many Helicoptors Land in New Gloucester Recently?

Photo: Tom Driscoll

You may have noticed a superabundance of “helicopters” that landed around your house in the last week or so.  These are most likely winged seeds from red maple trees and they are all over your driveway, your lawn, and in your rain gutters.  Polynose is another slang name, and “samara” is the official term.

As a helicopter pilot, I have always been fascinated by the maple samaras.

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Board Increases Rates for Emergency Services

The Board of Selectmen on Monday adopted new fees for emergency medical services and transportation provided by the Public Safety Department, effective July 1.

The cost of providing basic life support will go from $420 to $600; advanced life support level 1 from $510 to $900; advanced life support level 2 from $685 to $1,200; responding to a scene in town from zero to $150; and meeting up with an out-of-town service from zero to $300. Keep reading Ellie Fellers’ story in the Sun Journal.

Friends of the Library Multiples Value of Book Donations

On a recent tour of the New Gloucester Public Library’s basement with Friends of the Library President Deborah Chandler, I was struck by the highly-refined system the Friends operate in support of our local library. This work by the dozen-or-so Friends, who convene every Tuesday, takes place in a warren of subterranean rooms, only a few of which are seen by the public at their twice-annual book sales. “Yes,” admits Deb, “we are organized to within an inch of our lives.”

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Thompsons’ Moves Back to the Farm

Good evening folks, as you know we opened our doors much earlier than ever before, so after a much thought and deliberation we have decided to leave Cole farms and concentrate our efforts on building the farm business. So if you want more of our delicious baked goods please come visit us at the farm 276 Gloucester Hill Rd. in New Gloucester. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00 – 6:00 and Friday , Saturday, and Sunday 9:00 – 9:00 closed on Monday. Thanks for your continued support.

Sabbathday Shores Site Walk

The Planning Board did a site walk on Wednesday to the Sabbathday Shores Subdivision beach where a 70 foot dock with a 36 foot T is proposed.  The board will make a determination on the proposal on Tuesday, June 18 at their 7 pm meeting at the Meeting House. Ellie Fellers photos

Ladies in Waiting

Ladies in Waiting
Photo: Kevyn Fowler

The Original “Ice Out” Before Sabbathday was the Lake

Ice!  Only 16,000 years ago, Maine and New England were covered by a huge glacier which extended all the way offshore to the coastal shelf! Cape Cod and Long Island are the furthest obvious extent in the northeast; think of how a plow pushes snow at the end of your driveway.

At that time the ice over “Sabbathday Lake” and all of Maine was about one mile thick (5000’ +/-). Glaciers grow, and then they retreat.  The climate warmed up and the glacier started melting (retreating).  About 12,500 years ago it had receded to the northwest and the area around Sabbathday Lake was free of ice.

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Colby and Donovan Win Select Board Seats; Charter Commission Effort Fails by Five Votes

A referendum vote that would have established a town charter commission fell just short of passage on Tuesday. The final tally was 387 in favor of creating a charter commission and 391 opposed.

In the race for two open seats on the Select Board, George Colby and Tammy Donovan defeated Peter Bragdon and Stephen Hathorne. Colby and Donovan won three-year terms and will replace outgoing board members Lenora Conger and Steven Libby.

Voters also approved the MSAD 15 budget by a comfortable margin, and elected Misty Coolidge, Nichole Stevens, and Laura Jane Sturgis unopposed to three open seats on the school board.

Full election results, as posted on the town’s website:

Board of Selectmen

299     Bragdon, Peter R                                       

364     Colby Sr., George W                                     

438     Donovan, Tammy L                                       

247     Hathorne, Stephen J                                     

6       Write-ins                                                       

212     Blanks                                               

MSAD #15 School Board 

469   Coolidge, Misty L

436   Stevens, Nichole D

106   Sturgis, Laura J (Write-In)  

 27    Other Write-ins

1311   Blanks

New Gloucester Water District Trustee

 65  Hardesty, Vaughn A

 3  Write-ins

 4  Blanks

MSAD #15 Budget Referendum

 495   Yes

 270   No

 15   Blanks

Charter Commission Referendum

 387   Yes

 391   No

5   Blanks

Total Votes:   783

The Final Summary…

Peter Bradgon, Candidate for Selectman

Tuesday you will have the opportunity to elect two new members to the board of selectmen. This day could change the board significantly. I have tried my best to reach out to the townspeople with my view points and what I would do as selectman. I have compiled a summary outline of the areas I want to work on. Please note, I really care about New Gloucester; I have no intentions of changing what we have as a town or our government. We should always be looking at ways we can do better. 

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Charter Misconceptions

There are a number of misconceptions being circulated regarding the Tuesday, June 11, 2019 vote on whether New Gloucester should create a charter commission.

  1.  Misconception:  New Gloucester citizens are voting on a town charter.

      Fact:  The question on the New Gloucester ballot is whether to create a charter commission.  It is not a vote on the specifics of the structure, ordinances or procedures to be used by our town government.

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